Sulphur 90% DP

Quick Details

State:  Solid CAS No.:  77.4-34-9 Place of Origin:  India
Grade Standard:  Agriculture Grade Purity:  90 Brand Name:  .NA
colour:  yellow

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail: 25 kg/bag
Delivery Detail: 20days


Sulphur contain 90% min


Sulphur  power  has been  widely  used  in  pesticide,   such  as  insect  spray, germicide, prevention  and  cure  of  powdery  mildew  and  preventing  bleeding  etc..   In  order  to  make  further  expansion  of  sulphur  powder’s  application  in  plant  protection,  it  can  be  also  mixed  with  other  material  to  compound  various  preparations  .  For  instance  :

  1. Lime  Sulphur  Mixture  (LSSS)
  2. Fumigant
  3. White  pigmentun

Sulphur  powder  is  widely  used  in  the  field  of  flowers  &plants,  forest  and  fruits.

1.Sulphur  powder  is  a  acidic  compound,  having  the  function  of  disinfection  and  antiseptic,  adjusting  acidity  and  alkaline,  promoting  wound  healing,  disease  control,  as  well  as  providing  plants  with  nutriment  to  promote  the  growth.

2.Bleeding  Control  .  The  easily  bleeded  plants  such  as  the  root, branch  and  cycads  of  fig, grape  and  banyan,  spouted  sulphur  powder  on  the  wound  and  root  after  pruned  can  effectively  control  bleeding  ,  prevent  wound  infection  and  promote  wound  restitution  .

3.Keeping  out  rot  root.  As  to  potting  plants’  rot  root  and  yellowtop  (Clivias  for  example  ),  we  can  spout  sulphur  powder  over  root  and  wound  together  with  soil  renewal  and  exterminated  rot  root,  in  order  to  control  rot  root